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At Smart Energy Solutions N.I we specialise in low maintenance, energy efficient and sustainable options for your energy requirements. Taking control over energy and water wastage now is key to protecting against future increased energy costs.

We aim to reduce your carbon footprint by using ‘real-time energy management’ to measure and analyse areas of concern. A comprehensive evaluation will then give a clear picture of the savings which can be achieved through implementation of the proposed action plan. Domestic customers may want to prioritise home heating and hot water. For commercial customers, it could be something as simple as implementing a process to switch key equipment off at the end of a shift.

We can help you with:

  • Utilities saving opportunities, when, where and how.
  • Environments which have high heating costs yet still struggle to heat their buildings
  • Hot water on demand (to BS6920 water quality standard ie legionella protection and IPX1 rated for water scald protection)
  • Refrigeration costs
  • Air conditioning costs
  • Lighting costs
  • Electric motor costs – single and three phase
  • Water Usage

Whatever your energy concern, please get in touch for a free, no obligation consultation.

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