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Renewable Displays


The Eniscope Real-time Renewable Energy Display is designed to showcase the live performance of a variety of alternative generation types via a stunning graphical interface.

Who is it For?

Anyone that uses alternative energy can benefit from our Real-time Renewable Energy Display. Renewable Technology represents a significant investment and our Display will help you to verify that your equipment is performing as it should. It will also ensure that your students, employees or customers are fully educated on the benefits of renewable energy and understand your commitment to a ‘greener’ society. The Display lends itself to public areas such as receptions and lobbies where the eye-catching graphics and dynamic animations are sure to attract attention and convey a positive environmental image.

How Does it Work?

A Renewable Energy Meter is installed on each of the resources you wish to monitor and display. Each meter captures real-time energy generation data and feeds that information back to a Renewable Hub over your existing Local Area Network.

The Hub will instantly collate and display the data in real-time through a high-resolution, dynamic interface. This interface will also deliver a range of educative messages that explain the historical performance of your technology in an engaging and easy to understand format.

This feature can be customized to your target audience. In addition, you can install a Consumption Meter, which will enable you to see what proportion of your energy use is provided by renewables and exactly how much energy you are importing from or exporting to the grid.

Key Benefits:

  • Reveal the true, real-time performance of your renewable technology via a stunning and fully animated interface
  • Educate the people that use or visit your building on the benefits of your alternative energy generation
  • Display the unseen virtues of your renewable investment and boost your environmental profile

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