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Advanced Water Heating

Next Generation Infrared Hot Water Systems

Specialists in harnessing the power of Infrared, we offer a wide range of hot water generators and tanked systems designed to provide mains pressure instantaneous hot water on-demand for both residential and commercial applications.

Lime Scale Costs Money

The Carbon Trust calculates that every single millimetre of lime scale (around one year's deposit) on a boiler's heating element will increase its energy consumption by 7% meaning a 14kW boiler will lose approximately 1kW of its efficiency to heat water but not its power usage.

Domestic Applications

Combining the technology with our RADIANT HEATING system will provide any domestic property with a highly efficient, economical and healthy solution.

  • Non-Metallic Quartz Heating Elements
  • No Corrosion or Calcium Deposits(ideal for hard water areas)
  • Unprecedented Warranty
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Maintenance Free
  • Superior Heating Efficiency
  • Operational Longevity
  • Recyclable Materials
  • Reduces Water Consumption

Commercial Applications

Circulatory Systems

Why pay to heat and circulate many 10's of gallons water for only a few litres to be used?

The concept of such systems are to ensure that hot water is readily available throughout a building. The reality is using large energy consuming boilers pumping large volumes of water around the building should hot water be required and in most instances this would be for hand washing and therefore very little hot water would actually used.

The combination of excessively hot water, large heat losses and complex pumping systems means high running and maintenance costs with the danger that should the system fail the entire building is without hot water.

This type of system is prone to lime scale in hard water areas increasing running & maintenance costs and the inevitable disruption when replacing of vital components.

SuperGreen Zoned Systems

Only pay for the water used

SuperGreens' Zoned System uses individual units to provide hot water when required (IR for Hot water & RH for heating), eliminating the need of a circulatory loop.

All the buildings hot water and heating expense is purely based on demand, paying for only the hot water used.

Our IR hot water systems require no maintenance and will not attract lime scale, therefore always operate at maximum efficiency.

Our RH heating systems require minimal annual inspection and cleaning of the filter system, the actual boiler itself does not require any maintenance.

Working in Series - A High Volume On-Demand System

For higher demand 'point of use' hot water it is possible to link multiple SuperGreen units together. As each unit has I.M.E.R.S. capabilities it reads the incoming water temperature and flow rate and automatically determines if activation is required. This ensures the least amount of energy is used at all times when delivering the required volume of hot water.

Two Units are placed in series, one unit acting as the master, the other slave.

When hot water is required both boilers activate taking the water to temperature within seconds, however if the master once up to temperature is able to provide the water at the required temperature the slave automatically shuts down.

If the water demand is high and the master isn't able to take the water to required temperature the slave will calculate how much power is required in order to do so and only use the minimal amount needed.

This type of system is ideal for commercial kitchens as it offers unlimited hot water on demand with needing a large capacity tank.

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