Domestic Applications


Herschel Far Infrared heaters provide a modern and stylish heating solution for your bathroom. Our Far Infrared panels are attractive in your house, low maintenance and come in various sizes.

Your Bathroom Solution

Your bathroom will stay comfortably warm with Herschel Far Infrared heaters.

We have numerous solutions that work well in bathrooms from our affordable Select range, offering far infrared at great value, to our Inspire range which brings you the best quality and stylish options on the market.

Decide between wall or ceiling mounted or freestanding models and choose the panel surface that best suits your needs.

Our towel rail is a perfect addition for a bathroom providing warmth for your bathroom and heats up your towel at the same time.

Mirror panels work well here too. They do not steam up when the shower is going when they are switched on, which can happen to bathroom mirrors with more traditional heating solutions, and they help to prevent damp and mould. A perfect solution for your bathroom.