Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling systems are up to 90% more efficient than standard air conditioning, yet still deliver the same cooling benefits. What's more Eco-cooling, is the same price to install (although it can often be cheaper), can make use of existing ducting, and is comparable in purchase price to standard air conditioning units.

Eco-cooling cools without the need for refrigerants. Instead a direct evaporative cooler, uses wetted filter pads, which cools air by bringing it into contact with water. Following the principle of the "wind-chill effect", water evaporates into the air stream and cools. On the hottest day in the UK eco-cooling can deliver up to 15oC of cooling through this process. The amount of cooling depends on the humidity and temperature of the air, but the expected cooling levels are comparable to that of traditional air conditioning.

After the completion of an EcoCooling installation at a printers in Wiltshire, the EcoCooling system delivers a more comfortable working environment of 21 degree's for the 340m2 finishing area of the site and is 90% cheaper to run than standard air conditioning and has 90% less carbon emissions. EcoCooling systems are extremely efficient delivering 35 kW of cooling for 2.4kW of electricity (24p per hour to operate).

What's more eco cooling can also provide heating solutions for energy conscious organisations.

Smart Energy Solutions is pleased to offer this SMART solution - Evaporative Cooling which can improve the efficiency of heating and cooling requirements by up to 90%, plus improve equipment performance and reliability, whilst at the same time providing more pleasant working environment.

Key Benefits:

  • Energy Savings of up to 90% compared to air conditioning
  • Up to 60Kw of cooling from just 2.4Kw of electricity
  • Reduced Carbon footprint
  • Heating and cooling system available
  • Provides more comfortable working environment
  • Eligible for Carbon Trust energy efficiency loan