Domestic Applications

Conservatory Heating

Install Herschel Radiant Heating into your conservatory and enjoy using it all year round. These can either be ceiling mounted or we have a specially designed conservatory heater designed to fit on a dwarf wall.

The Conservatory Heating Solution

Conservatory heating has traditionally been difficult due to the large open space combined with the poor insulation properties of all the glass. Historically your only option has been heating solutions that are expensive to install, run and maintain often relegating the conservatory use only to summer months.

Condensation often forms in conservatories as a result of heating the air but leaving walls and furniture cold. This causes mould and decoration problems.

Herschel far infrared provides an effective conservatory heating solution because it is easy and cheap to install, run and has zero maintenance. Far Infrared warms the surfaces in the conservatory (like furniture and floors) and doesn’t warm the air. This maintains a consistent temperature that helps reduce mould and condensation.

With Herschel Far Infrared you can use your conservatory all year even during the colder season. Our specially designed Far Infrared heaters for conservatories are easy to mount from dwarf walls or ceilings & help eliminate damp and mould.

Case Studies