Domestic Applications

Living Rooms

Herschel Far Infrared heaters provide a heating solution for your living room that can add to the aesthetics of your room whilst keeping you comfortably warm.

Your Living Room Solution

The Herschel range will provide your living room with an infrared heater solution that you will wish you had changed to earlier. A great choice for your living room that allows people to feel comfortable at 3-4 degrees below the air temperature at which they would normally feel comfortable using central heating systems.

Why not have a mirror panel for your living room in your own stylish frame? Or a modern Inspire panel to give your room a feeling of warm elegance? Make your heating work for you in an innovative way.

You can zone your heating by using it with the Herschel iQ system and this will enable you to keep your living area cosy and warm when you are using it and avoid wasting energy when you are elsewhere.