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Patio and Terrace Heating

We are the world-exclusive producer of Herschel Aspect IR Outdoor Terrace and Patio heaters. Energy-efficient heaters for outdoor areas like patios and terraces. It is designed to gently warm people in an outdoor covered area using infrared heat.

Outdoor Patio and Terrace Heating Solution

Open-air heating for patios has traditionally been the preserve of Gas “SpaceRay” type heaters or, more recently, Quartz Halogen heaters.

Gas heaters are not only expensive to purchase and install but are now also very expensive to run. As they are regulated in public spaces (Confined Spaces Regulation 1997), they are also subject to annual safety inspections. No new Gas installations of this nature may be made from 2017 onwards.

Quartz patio heaters emit a short wavelength heat which feels harsh to human skin. Feedback from the hospitality industry suggests customers complain of dry eyes and hot heads when sat near Quartz Halogen heaters. In consequence many Quartz patio heaters are actually under-specified and you can barely feel them at all. Far Infrared heaters on the other hand emit what is called the “Vital Range” wavelength – used in saunas and baby incubators and feel wonderful on the skin.

Quartz heaters emit a red glare that can become tiring to the eyes and should not be looked at directly. This also means that part of the energy it consumes is producing light as well as heat. Far Infrared heaters emit no light so 100% of the energy turns into heat.

Quartz bulbs have a life expectancy of approximately 12 months. Far Infrared emitters are guaranteed for 5 years and have a life expectancy of significantly more than that.

Both gas and Quartz Halogen are more expensive to run than equivalent far infrared heaters.