Case Studies

Portable Heaters

The Herschel ThermoDry is a unique product that has been specially designed for use in certain applications and processes where best results can be achieved from steady radiant heat.

Heaters designed for environment control

The ThermoDry is designed for applications such as flood recovery, environment control of buildings and construction finishing processes requiring the application of steady, non-scorching radiant heat.

The ThermoDry ensures deep drying of materials occurs and prevents “surface skinning” – which is often created by other forms of dryer unit. Excessive fast surface heating created by other types of solution may seem more effective at first, but it actually causes a skin to form preventing deeper drying of the material and prolonging the negative effects of the existing damp including delapidation and odour.

The advantage of using Far Infrared in environment control applications is that it ensures more even, deeper drying of materials without intense heat and it is also therefore the safest un-attended solution on the market.

The unit is also ideal for semi open-air venues such as marquees where it emits steady heat without the fumes, safety and cost implications of gas blowers popularly used in public events.

The ThermoDry is a more cost-effective, reliable and safer option than any other heater in its category to operate in public places or to leave running un-attended.