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Salons & Yoga Studios

Herschel Far Infrared can provide you with your heating solution and other benefits too. Far Infrared heaters are used in modern saunas and in baby incubators and are perceived by many in the health industry to offer the wavelength they emit is 7-15 microns - which is equivalent to the "vital range" of heat radiated from the human body itself.

The Salon & Yoga Studio Solution

Far Infrared heaters in salons and yoga studios is becoming increasingly popular. As well as being a cost-effective heating solution, Far Infrared has a reputation in the health industry for encouraging healthy metabolism and is already widely used in saunas. (The Far Infrared wavelength is indeed called the “Vital Range”). This makes it an ideal choice for beauty salons and yoga studios.

Hot Yoga studios have an additional requirement to boost the heat in the salon to temperatures of up to 40°C and more and this is very difficult to achieve with most forms of heating. Short wave (Quartz) heaters are fierce enough to do the job, but not recommended from a health point of view (fierce heat and glaring red light). Far Infrared heaters like the IR3 can do the job if installed close-enough together.

Far Infrared is easy to install and cheaper to run than equivalent Quartz heaters.

Case Studies