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Shop Heating

Herschel Far Infrared provides a great heating solution for shops or shopping malls wishing to provide cost effective, comfortable warmth for employees and customers. Our solutions are programmable remotely allowing you to control the heat to meet your specific requirements.

The Shop Heating Solution

Shopping Malls are difficult to heat because of their wide open spaces, stone or marble flooring and glassed-over ceilings to let in natural daylight. Central heating systems would merely heat up the ceiling space, leaving all areas (and shoppers) cold. A focused, energy efficient solution is required.

Herschel Far Infrared is an ideal solution because it is easy to install and provides focused, low cost heat directed exactly where you want it – on the walkways between the shops. Unlike quartz heaters (which can be similarly focused), Herschel Far Infrared heaters do not emit light, which can colour the displays, and they are cheaper to run.

Design aesthetics are usually very important in these locations too. You need a solution that occupies minimal space and doesn’t upstage the design of either the Mall or the shop windows. Herschel Advantage can be mounted very discreetly and yet also looks smart for shoppers who happen to notice them.

As the Far Infrared heat is provided by ceramic emitters which we guarantee for 5 years, you will also be very pleased with the almost zero maintenance you experience with these heaters – a refreshing change from Quartz.

Case Studies