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Herschel Far Infrared provides a cost effective space heating solution for warehouses.

The Warehouse Solution

Warehouses can benefit greatly from our Herschel Far Infrared space heating solution. We offer cost effective, highly efficient space heaters that will provide comfortable heating whatever your application.

Depending on the size and needs of your warehouse the Herschel Advantage range offers a number of zero-light ceramic heaters which are simple to install, silent in operation and require no ongoing maintenance.

When our space heaters are combined with the Herschel iQ system significant savings on heating costs for your warehouse can be achieved compared to traditional systems.

Solutions include the Herschel Advantage IRP4 “Power” heater and the Advantage IR3 and IR2 wall-mounted zone heaters.

In addition, the Herschel Advantage IR 360 Indoor space & zone heater is mounted in a 3-axis reflective unit giving 360° coverage.