Case Studies

Church Heating

Herschel Far Infrared provides a cost effective church heating solution.

The Church Heating Solution

Churches have been traditionally difficult to heat due to the nature of their large open space, high ceilings and historic interiors that need to be preserved in every way.

We find Churches and other similar areas for public gathering have certain common requirements that make Infrared the ideal replacement choice.

  • The cost of their current solution is too high and its effectiveness too low;
  • They often require heating to be split into different “zones” – they do not want the whole area heated uniformly (impossible to satisfy with other solutions);
  • When out of use they need certain minimum settings to maintain the state of wood, stone, materials and decorations;
  • They want the Building warm when people enter it – requiring specific control and timing (also according to zones);
  • There are certain humidity and heat restrictions they want observed with the Organ, which must be observed, making infrared advantageous over convection-based heating;
  • Remote control of the heating is ideal, otherwise someone always has to attend site to switch it on or off.

Thermostats can be fully programmed to enable the Herschel heating to switch on prior to services and off again once it is no longer needed, keeping the premises and congregation comfortably warm when the church is in use.

Herschel Infrared Pulsar ceiling hung heaters are often chosen for churches. Our Herschel panels, the Inspire and Select ranges, have also proved popular for churches. These can be personalised with your own message or whichever design you would like.