Case Studies


Customer brief: To heat an ‘impossible to heat’ area and resolve the damp & cold issues to bring back climbers.

'Impossible to heat' heating solutions


The Harlow climbing wall was suffering from cold and damp issues as a result of the building it was situated in. It was known as a ‘cold’ wall and had condensation problems which subsequently meant climbers were avoiding it. The leisure centre was set to lose considerable potential income. The damp also meant the metal fittings were not meeting their expected lifespan.


  • The facilities management approached Herschel Energy because of its known Infrared expertise in ‘impossible to heat’ situations.
  • A bespoke Herschel IR Fast 500 12kW was specified.
  • This product, together with an air-extraction facility, works to remove the evaporated damp.


  • The cold & damp issues have been resolved
  • The EPC rating improved from Band E to Band A
  • The power required to run the heating is from PV Solar panels so the heating is fully renewable
  • Climbers are returning to the wall.


“The building has achieved an Energy Performance Certificate and is Rated “A”. This coming from an uninsulated metal shed is quite an achievement”.