Case Studies

“Impossible to heat” Areas

Effective space heating is often deemed impossible to achieve in certain situations. At Herschel, we like a challenge, and have completed a number of successful installations in areas which are wide open and subsequently very tricky to keep warm.

A Solution for "impossible to heat" areas

Open-air space heating for large buildings has always been a problem.

Gas heaters are not only prohibitively expensive to purchase and install, but are now also very expensive to run, and as they are regulated in public spaces (Confined Spaces Regulation 1887) they are also subject to annual safety inspections. No new Gas installations of this nature may be made from 2017 onwards.

Quartz Halogen can be a solution in very large open spaces if safety considerations are properly designed. We believe Shortwave heaters to generally be inappropriate as a Comfort heating solution as they shed an unpleasant light and often result in people becoming too hot. Feedback from the hospitality industry suggests customers complain of dry eyes and hot heads when sat near Quartz Halogen heaters. Nevertheless we will use them in certain circumstances where the heating requirement is less one of providing Comfort Heating and more for Environment Control (warm the environment and eliminate moisture).

Aesthetics can also play a significant factor in large spaces: so you will find our range of FAST IR, Pulsar and Advantage IR heaters will give you enough design flexibility to meet even the most demanding circumstances, as these examples show below.

Case Studies