Case Studies


Customer Brief: To fit the stables with Far Infrared, the latest infrared heating technology for improved horse comfort.

Safe, comfortable & economical heating for horses


The client had no existing heating in their stable and was looking for a solution that would keep their horse warm and reduce the need to rug up the horse on colder days.


  • Herschel IR3 was installed in the stable.
  • A quick, easy installation
  • The heater has a long lifetime with no maintenance.


  • The heaters emit no light so no red glare.
  • Warm environment created with peace of mind for the owner in terms of safety for dust and hay.
  • Safe to leave on unattended, overnight, and can be controlled by a thermostat if required.
  • Far Infrared is better absorbed by the skin than the fiercer heat from lamps. The gentler warmth creates a comfortable environment aiding the horse’s relaxation.
  • Reduces damp, creating a healthy environment for horses.
  • Highly economical with low running costs. Additional cost benefits from no rugs or laundry


“These heaters are worth looking into as recent thinking suggests it is better to under-rug a horse than over-rug it. So if a stable can be kept at a constant temperature, then rugs in theory can be avoided”. Vet Nurse