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Equine Heating for Horses

Equine heating using infrared is well known in competition yards and for use after washing or to warm the horse before exercise.

The Equine Market Solution

Equine heating is already popular amongst horse and stable owners.

Because of the requirement to dry equipment and animals and because animal skin is 80% water, Herschel produces heaters that are optimised especially for heat absorption by water which occurs specifically in the “Far Infrared” heat-band – from 3 – 6 microns – therefore using the least energy for the most comfort.

Many other Horse heating solutions use emitters that produce a more intense “shortwave” (or IR-A) Infrared heat. These consume more energy and emit wavelengths which water does not absorb as efficiently and up to 35% of which skin actually reflects (Schroeder et al 2008)*. They also emit unnecessary light (which Far Infrared heaters do not). All these factors make other solutions more energetic, consuming more power than they need to.

Many other solutions therefore come with Dimmers, to step-down the emitted power into the Far Infrared wavelengths. Our philosphy is to start with the far infrared wavelengths in the first place and run the emitter at the voltage for which it is optimised.

The lower wavelength Herschel Far Infrared emitter will perform a more suitable comfort heating role, whilst evaporating water more gently and consuming less energy.

Case Studies